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Grade II listed buildings

Stumbled across a grade II listed building? Here are some basics of what that means for you.

What is a grade II listed building and what does it mean for me?

During your house search you might come across properties with bags of character which are declared as ‘grade II listed‘. In summary, grade II listed buildings have some form of historical significance which means that they are protected by a relevant authority. This in turn means that anything you want to do with that property – renovation inside or outside, extension, redecoration – will have to be signed off by that authority. As a result, you have to be very careful whether you want to take on such a property, as you are not able to make decisions about your home independently.

  • You can pretty much forget about DIY projects
  • You will have to get consent for any modification of the home, inside and outside
  • Renovation or repair bills are likely (much) higher as you have to use specialist tradesmen

What if the listed building I bought had unauthorised works done?

Unfortunately if you purchase such a building, you will most likely be liable for any enforcement action. Be very sure to get the right surveyor that is familiar with these types of properties and who can spot any dodgy works.

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